Inaugural Blog: Greetings, and How Do We Do

Hello there, pleased to be writing my very first blog for Darling Cora!  We just finished shooting my very first music video for "Yearn" the other day at a stage in Toronto's Distillery District, smack dab in the middle of this year's Christmas Market. It all took place in one super long-ass-freezing-but-wonderful day, awfully close to the shortest day of the year, right when we needed to make the most of as much natural light as possible. Cannot wait to see how it all turns out and share with you all -- it is a dance film of a woman's yearning for "the man that got away", based on the song's lyrics.  Big shout out to everyone involved in the production: Lena Dawood (the director-maestro), Akira Uchida (choreographer and handsome "man that got away" dancer), Mia DiLena (female dance lead who shares my birthday, woot), Anastassia Levina (awesome MUA bestie), and Lena's scrappy and generous video crew:  Blake, Rob, and Gary.  More deets coming soon!